Elevates Your Supermarket Marketing

Elevates Your Supermarket Marketing

Business - We're excited to share that LuckiBot, initially celebrated as a restaurant robot waiter, has now equally distinguished itself in the supermarket industry by pioneering advanced marketing features. A growing number of supermarkets are adopting LuckiBot for promotional activities, and here's why:

Smart Shopping Guidance: With its precise positioning and navigation capabilities, LuckiBot can accurately guide customers to the specified shopping areas.

Customized Brand Integration: With a customizable exterior, LuckiBot becomes an extension of your brand, enhancing brand image and making a lasting impression on shoppers.

Mobile Shelves: LuckiBot's expansive shelving showcases a variety of products, making them more visible and accessible to customers.

Proactive Promotion: As LuckiBot encounters shoppers, it actively engages with them, using voice announcements to highlight product benefits, effectively enhancing customers' buying intentions.

Eye-Catching Display: LuckiBot captivates attention with its distinctive design, and its robot screen can also play advertisements to attract notice, enhancing brand visibility and boosting sales – benefits that traditional marketing methods simply cannot provide.


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